“The term illegal alien is racist!” — random millenial

illegal-alienI had to cringe when I heard a young theoretically well educated lady spout “the term illegal alien is a racist term!”

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“Culinary Appropriate College Food” — huh?

360_tray_war_0818America, something has really gone wrong here. The tray to the left there looks like the kind of food I got when I was a young man going to high school.  During a campus visit to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst it pretty much looked and tasted the same.  Food produced in mass quantities that was lacking in home touches and fairly bland.  It sucked but it was food.

Students at Oberlin College in Ohio seem to think that undercooked sushi rice is somehow an insult to Japanese cuisine.

Sush? In college?  Really? When did that start?

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Open Question to Anyone Running for President of the USA

dealing-with-divisive-issues So, I don’t care which party you belong to or even if you belong to a political party. I have a question that I’d like answered which would help me decide who I want to vote for come elections.

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A Modern Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a mother and father with a very large family.  They had twelve children in all but they were not all the same.  Some wore very fine clothing and ate the best food their mother and father could feed them.  Some slept in very comfortable beds and some slept out in a shed in the back yard.  This went on for years and nobody thought anything of it.  Their surname was “Harrison.”

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Folks from Away

not-from-here-are-youI have family in Maine and in Maine there is an expression. “Folks from away” meaning people who were born somewhere other than in Maine.  This used to be a big deal back in the day when folks from “away” could be snooping or up to some nefarious thing or another.

With the advent of the Internet Mainers are less suspicious of folks from away but they definitely still see a difference between “locals” and “folks from away.”

A topic that has been getting a lot of attention in the press these days is immigration.  More to the point illegal immigration.

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Help vs. Entitlements

6a00d83451c49a69e2017d3f736927970c-500wi So, when does help become an entitlement? Why do we have entitlements? Who says anybody owes you anything?

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I am not a Cracker!


“I’m not a Cracker, dammit! I’m a Saltine American!”

Now that I’ve gotten that bad joke out of the way: There is a fair amount of heated discussion going on around US culture concerning the subject of racism. Hearing a young black man refer to me one day (granted: it was at Walmart) as a “Cracker”  brought the discussion to my mind.

I wonder if the young man in question realizes the irony in his use of that term as a pejorative considering the pejorative words that have been excised from our speech (rightly so in my opinion) to temper real or perceived white on black racism.

Further, I wonder if the young man even understands the real meaning of the term “Cracker.”

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Why Our Borders Matter

border_marker2The first thing that happens when a nation is born is an imaginary line is drawn around the territory it occupies. What’s inside that boundary becomes part of that nation and whatever or whoever is outside that boundary is considered “foreign.”

The first responsibility of a government is to defend that border and keep outsiders out.   Depending on the country in question some have more lax rules about immigration than others.

The United States of America probably has some of the most lax immigration rules in the world and there is a big difference between being an immigrant and being an illegal immigrant.  Key word in that phrase is “illegal.”

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Symbols: Which are good and which are bad?

Union-Confederate-FlagSo once again political correctness has shaken its fist angrily and gotten its way. The Battle Flag of North Carolina which has been mistakenly identified as the flag of the Confederacy and has been taken down in South Carolina having been tarred by the left as being a symbol of racism.

Given that there are racist organizations that have used the flag of the United States of America as a symbol of their twisted agenda, not to mention the Bible, the flag commonly used as a symbol of Christian churches and lots of other symbols should we ban those as well?

For a lot of Southerners the flag associated with the Confederacy is a symbol of Southern Pride no matter that both whites and blacks from the south see it that way, we must in the name of Political Correctness and division censor that symbol.

Where do we go from there?

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Firearm Ownership: Right or Privilege?

fotolia_4846112_XSSince my sixteenth birthday (boy was that a long time ago) I have had an on again off again relationship with the National Rifle Association. I can’t bring myself to totally 100% agree with their positions on firearm ownership but I find myself wanting to support an organization that is out to prevent the outlawing of private firearm ownership for a whole host of reasons.

First off our founding fathers felt the private ownership of firearms was such an important right that it was second after the much more important right to free speech.  I find that placement rather significant.

Apparently the Supreme Court agrees with the importance of this amendment having recently validated the right of US citizens to keep and bear arms.  In my opinion there is another side to this coin that gets lost in the discussion of private firearm ownership.

A right comes with it responsibility.  In my opinion a right is not the same thing as an entitlement.

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