Voter ID

registerA lot controversy has swirled around the concept of requiring proof of identity at the polling places.and I’m a bit confused as to why.

When I first became a voter way back when I just turned 18 I ended up going back home (only a mile) and getting my voter registration card out of the middle drawer of my desk.   I had failed to put it in my wallet as I had been instructed when I registered in the first place. My bad.

Returning to the poll I presented my Voter Registration Card to the clerk in the A-H line and she checked a physical representation of the voter registeration rolls for my name as printed on the card.  Finding my name she turned the register around and asked me to sign next to my name.   One Voter.  One Vote.    I was then presented with a card that I gave over to the gentleman supervising the voting machines, curtains were drawn and I cast my first ever votes.

What was wrong with that process?

There are some that allege that this is somehow racist.  That it unfairly targets minorities and the poor.   How is that?  There is nothing intrinsic that disallows anyone from casting their ballot if they have the legal right to do so.  Voter ID cards are a part of that process.

In this day and age of identity theft having a government issued ID card presented along with the Voter Registration ID strengthens that system.   Since every voter ID card I’ve ever seen looks like something from a Cracker Jack box having a picture ID pin down who you are is a good thing.

So what’s the issue, really?    I would propose that the only folks that should be opposing voter ID requirements are those who stand to gain from having undocumented and/or unregistered voters casting votes.

Let’s have a fair trial here, get the guilty SOB in here, we’ll have the hanging later.

Hangmans-nooseWhatever happened in Ferguson MO is a crying shame. A young man died in a hail of bullets and a loss of life is a loss of life no matter who it is. That was someone’s son and being the father of a son myself I can certainly commiserate with the family over this loss. The majority of whoever reads this blog will have to admit they weren’t there, they don’t know what really happened.  The only folks that know what happened were the victim, the police that were on-scene and any onlookers that happened to be there.

Thanks to our wonderful press the real story has become lost in a myriad of grandstanding, hand wringing and sensationalism. All we really know is a police officer fired his service weapon at Michael Brown and he died of his wounds.  Immediately the press makes hay over the fact that the officer was white and Michael Brown was black.

During the subsequent violence a black police officer shot a white young man.  Where’s the press on that one?

Seems race baiting sells magazines and drives ratings up. I hope none of the reporters or editors involved in this reporting never get into a scrape that makes the headlines.

In my own personal experience I’ve been there. My mother was involved in an automobile accident that killed two people. Overnight my mother became the “poster child” for why seniors shouldn’t drive.  Overnight she was front page news and the way the reporting was worded my mother came across as a crazy old lady who should have lost her license years before.  She went to her grave with that stigma attached to her name.   I remember the reporters beating a path to her door trying to get “exclusive interviews” because I know those drive ratings up.

And don’t get me started with the professional race baiters who run off to every event where a mix of black and white is involved (as long as the black person can be perceived as a victim) and fan the flames even more.

What I’m trying to say here is don’t take at face value everything that is put in print or read on the six o’clock news.  Rarely does the reporting report all sides of a story.  There is an agenda and “facts” that support the agenda are brought to light.  Anything that doesn’t fit the agenda is discarded on the cutting room floor.

Please note I didn’t point a finger at “the liberal press” or “the right wing” with my frustration here.  Both ends of the spectrum are just as bad.  It is doubtful that if the police officer in question has to go to trial that he’ll be able to even get a fair trial.  Lately there’s been reporting in what I see as a blatant attempt to tar and feather him in the press.

Sad state of affairs if you ask me.

If we are ever to improve race relations in this country we need to stop harping on the differences and look at what is in common.  As long as the press and other media get all hysterical about white vs. black, white vs. hispanic, black vs. hispanic, white vs. martian or whatever the Fergusons will continue to happen.